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Change & Transitions Management

Are you Restructuring? Outsourcing? Going through a merger? Reorganising and instigating a redundancy programme?

Mindtrip has experience of helping both leaders and staff adapt and survive through change and transitions. We will work with you to deliver powerful all staff training programmes or workshops along with individual and team coaching sessions focused on understanding change and transitions through to maintaining and enhancing productivity during times of change.

We use models and techniques that help people understand the emotional impact of transitions, help them re-assert control and open up 2 way communication. Leaders and staff are able to get back on track, refocus their energy, reduce stress and start to build resilience to continual change.

For those leaving an organisation we can offer tailored careers transitions coaching and transitions workshops that focus on helping people ‘get back onto their feet’, process and understand the emotions of the transition that they are going through and support them on finding the best next step for them in their career.

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