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Coaching (Executive, Life and Careers) and Supervision

Mindtrip provides intensive 1:1 and senior team coaching to its clients. Using cognitive behavioural coaching, mindfulness, heartfulness (kindness and compassion) and creativity based approaches, we will work together to see how you perceive your challenges and how different perspectives can help you to overcome and/or accept them. We will then put this into a change action/intention plan with the ultimate goal of you becoming your own coach. Please click the links to find out more about the inspirations and our approach that inform mindtrip’s coaching.

Heather has a particular interest in working with those that are going through transitions and also works privately as a life and careers coach. Please contact her direct for more information and costs as this is tiered on ability to pay.

Some recent testimonials of Heather’s Coaching work can be viewed here

Interested in some Supervision? Heather can offer your face to face, Skype or group supervision, find out more here

For organisations,

we will design a tailored Leadership Development programme for you that is centred around helping current and emerging leaders understand where they are in their own personal development journey and how that aligns with what the organisation and wider society needs of them. The implementation of the programme will be tailored to the needs of the organisation and can be offered as a blended solution of one to one coaching, workshops and skills boosters combined with ‘bibliotherapy’, mentoring and learning groups.

Our approach to Coaching and Leadership development focuses on building on an individual’s strengths and how a Leader can best bring out those strengths in others to build engagement, motivation and results. We will also think about these strengths in relation to what the organisation needs of them and how this balances with external pressures that are being brought to bear on the individual and the organisation. Heather has a particular interest in helping Leaders deal with change, ambiguity and complexity through awareness and acceptance approaches such as mindfulness, compassion,  the creative arts and walking and the outdoors. To find out more about the inspirations that feed into our designs please visit our approach page and our blog

Mindtrip uses Certified Coaches and abides by the ethical guidelines of the Association for Coaching. Heather holds qualifications in cognitive behavioural coaching, is a practicing artist and has a regular mindfulness practice. She has attended a mindfulness for coaches course and mindfulness teacher training retreats (TTR1 & TTR2) with the centre for mindfulness and practice (CMRP) at the University of Bangor- the centre that is leading, along with Oxford and Exeter, mindfulness teaching in the UK. She has subsequently gone on to train further with Erik Van den Brink on mindfulness based compassionate living.