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Employee Wellbeing & Engagement

As part of our Organisational Development offering we will work with you to think about the wider culture that your Leadership, Management and HR policies and practices create within your organisation. Through a consultancy approach, informed by a robust wellbeing survey, we will look to inform your wider Organisational Development strategy considering the lifecycle of where you are as an organisation; the natural lifecycle of employees within the organisation and their impact on employee wellbeing.

Consideration will be taken of how ‘joined up’ your approach is, its sustainability, employee happiness and the impact of external influences and growth. Through undertaking a review of current practices we will work together to think about how this influences employee engagement within the organisation and work with you to build on best practices to support your organisation’s and individual’s positive future growth and wellbeing. To find out more about some of our thinking that underlines our approach please visit our approach and inspirations pages and a recent blog focused on employee engagement and wellbeing

Heather is also able to provide tailored workshops around wellbeing and mindfulness along with 1:1 coaching and team development interventions.

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