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Psychometric Debriefs

One of the keys to change is developing self awareness. Once you understand more about your motivations, personality, skills and strengths it can help you to move towards your goals but also help in understanding others. From an organisational and team perspective, Heather has found that raised awareness through the use of such instruments, can bring understanding and greater tolerance and a reduction in conflict.

Personality Inventories and Self awareness tools

Heather is a level B accredited practitioner with the British Psychological Society in a number of well known personality inventories such as the MBTI and FIRO-B and she is qualified in two specialised Leadership and strengths based inventories that are detailed below. She also uses extensively, various positive psychology specialised inventories including personal resilience, emotional intelligence, satisfaction with life and self esteem instruments.

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Framework describes sequential stages of development (Action Logics) through which adults may progress during their lifespan. Crucially, different leadership capabilities are evident at each successive Action Logic – leadership transforms with each step. Extensively researched and validated, it describes what promotes and impedes development to each successive stage.

Heather is a fully qualified practitioner in the Leadership Development Profile. The Leadership Development Profile reveals the action logic of a leader and we can then use it to build a personal developmental agenda.  Knowing your own current ‘action logic’ opens up two possibilities: on the one hand, you may decide that consolidating your behaviours and capabilities at your current stage would be of greatest value to you and your organisation. On the other, you may be interested in creating the potential for transformational change to a new stage.

Your Strengths

Heather is accredited in this world-leading strengths assessment and development tool which has been taken by 40,000+ people around the world. It assesses 60 strengths according to the three dimensions of energy, performance and use, making it truly unique and distinct from the typical one-dimensional strengths test. These three dimensions are then used to identify where your strengths lie. The report gives you a unique insight into your strengths and weaknesses, helps you distinguish your strengths from your learned behaviours,  provides you with a strengths language that enables you to share your strengths with others and helps you think about how to use your strengths to achieve your goals.

Comprehensive Business Career profile

This report is a  market-leading business career self-assessment used by the top Universities across the world. Over 500,000 people in over 200 countries have completed the profile.  It explore your interests, motivators and skills recognising these will drive your future career success and satisfaction. The report provides an expert assessments of your unique pattern of business-relevant interests, motivators and skills. It then matches an individual to specific business-related careers when compared to a database of hundreds of thousands of business professionals. Finally, and key, it helps your understand your key interests and what organizational cultures will be the best fit for you.

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